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Water Soluble Deodorizers
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Odor-Bane Water Soluble Odor Counteractant
Odor-Bane is a professional product that will effectively deodorize and neutralize malodors caused by smoke, vomit, urine, flood waters, etc. Odor-Bane leaves a lingering and pleasant, fresh fragrance. Odor-Bane is highly concentrated, exceptionally economical and safe to use. Spray, mop or wipe.
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GFG!! Deodorizer
Certified GFG is a scientifically formulated deodorizer that will destroy odors caused by smoke, sewage, organic decay, spoilage, sulfide malodors, plumbing odors and is especially effective on urine odor in carpet.
Our Price : (Case of 4) ONLY $124.32
Nilomist Ready-To-Use Room Deodorizer
Nilomist is a popular ready-to-use air freshener. No mixing necessary. Packaged 12 qts./case with three sprayers included. Available in many fragrances.
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Natural Touch Fabric Refresher
Natural Touch Fabric Refresher is a unique carpet, clothing and fabric refresher. Utilizes an oxidizing catalyst to eliminate odors. Natural Touch Fabric Refresh contains a patented odor elimination agent that can be used by anyone trying to eliminate odors due to smoke, mustiness, urine, cooking odors, etc. Safe to use on carpeting, clothing, furniture, drapes and any other water safe fabric.
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Odor-Bane2 Water Soluble Deodorizer
Odor-Bane2 contains the same great technology as our original Odor-Bane, but with some very unique fragrances. Odor-Bane2 is a professional product that will effectively neutralize and deodorize malodors caused by smoke, vomit, urine, flood waters, etc. This highly concentrated deodorizer can be added to your cleaning solution, sprayed or fogged.
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GFG! Odor Neutralizer
Gone For Good is a scientifically formulated deodorizer used to destroy stubborn odors caused by sewage intrusion, smoke, organic decay, spoilage, urine, etc. long lasting residual action. GFG is non-toxic, non-cationic, and a non-allergenic deodorizer.FOR SEVERE ODOR PROBLEMS
Our Price : (Case of 4) ONLY $124.32
Fogmaster Jr. Hand Held Fogger and Mister
Fogmaster Jr. is an ideal hand held fogger/ mister for smaller applications requiring portability. This durable unit requires little maintenance. The Fogmaster Jr. is ideal for dispensing Nilium, a water soluble deodorizer.
Our Price : ONLY $127.00
Nilium Water Soluble Deodorizer
Provides effective deodorizing power on any water-safe surface. 1 oz. makes 1 gallon of product. Use in mop water, cleaning solutions, add to laundry, add to latex paint or simply add to water and use as a general air freshener. Nilodor Surface Deodorizer Concentrate provides effective deodorizing power. Simply mix one ounce to one gallon of water and apply to any water-safe surface. Spray, mop or wipe and enjoy its neutralizing power.
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